BM Trada Q-Mark Audits successfully passed

Fire Door Experts are BM Trada certified!

We are very pleased to have successfully passed our BM Trada Q-Mark Fire Door Maintenance and Fire Door Installation audits for another year.

The BM Trada Q-Mark allows FDE to continue to survey, supply and install and maintain fire doors as an approved 3rd party accredited contractor.

BM Trada Q-Mark Fire Door Installation

An incorrectly installed fire door seriously compromises the capabilities of the door and the expected fire resistance performance. The Q-Mark scheme is based on training individuals within a company. These then take responsibility for the training and work carried out by a number of operatives. This scheme has been designed to reassure all parties in the chain (specifiers, contractors and end users) that the fire protection product they have chosen has been correctly installed and should perform as intended.

The benefits for you, our client, include;

  • the Q-Mark provides peace of mind that all installers employed by Fire Door Experts are suitably qualified, and that their work is constantly assessed by an independent body.
  • ensure the product’s service life is maximised through correct installation.

BM Trada Q-Mark Fire Door Maintenance

A correctly installed fire door is the start of it’s passive fire protection life. A poorly maintained door can be as dangerous to a building’s users as no fire door at all.

The Q-Mark Maintenance scheme allows trained technicians to efficiently assess and, should problems arise, repair a fire door. Furthermore, as well as maximising the fire resistance capabilities of the fire door, correctly performed maintenance ensures these capabilities are maintained and the life of the door extended.

Extended product capability and lifespan are the obvious benefits of such a scheme. Have you considered the potentially lowered overall costs when you maintain and correctly repair fire doors instead of having to replace them? With Fire Door Experts continuing to be BM Trada certified, we can work with you on such projects.

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