Fire Door Experts 360 - the industry leading Planned Preventative Maintenance programme

The industry leading Planned Preventative Maintenance programme

Fire Door Experts 360 © can help you as a building owner, landlord or Responsible Person. You have a statutory obligation to ensure the fire door maintenance is carried out on the doors you are responsible for, ensuring they are compliant and fit for purpose. The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 highlights these obligations, whilst the newly introduced Fire Safety Bill adds a legal obligation to certain property types.

All fire doors should be checked by a suitably qualified surveyor bi-annually, with any required remedial works identified carried out as swiftly as possible. Front entrance doors opening into shared communal space now require quarterly inspections, again with any required work carried out ASAP.

This creates a headache for the Responsible Person!! Historically, this has led to expensive surveys, with subsequent maintenance visits, all completed just in time to begin the cycle again. There are also thousands of buildings out there whose fire doors are completely forgotten about until problems arise, which is when clients are faced with unexpected expenses!

Our Fire Door Experts 360 © programme can simplify this process for you!!

360 © has different levels of service agreement to best suit your needs, with all levels designed to maintain your existing fire door assemblies back to their originally intended fire rating, with full BM Trada Q-Mark Certification, whilst we survey them!

By subscribing to our Fire Door Experts 360 © service, clients can do away with the survey > estimate > remedial works > certification cycle. Instead, clients receive a dedicated office contact, who will work with them to schedule each maintenance visit, allowing clients to continue with their workload, safe in the knowledge that work is being carried out during each visit. This not only reduces the impact and potential disruption of having workmen on site, but when you consider each door is maintained for less than the usual cost to ease and adjust a door-set, the savings are there to be seen!

As a result, the cost of inspections and minor repairs are spread out while clients are demonstrating compliance with their statutory obligations with regards to fire safety.

Benefits of our Fire Door Experts 360 © service include:

  • Fixed cost service, enabling better financial planning and control
  • Regularly updated Asset Register of your building’s fire door assemblies
  • The Responsible Person fulfils their obligations under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 and Fire Safety Bill
  • Fully BM Trada Q-Mark Accredited service, complying with the highest industry standards
  • ‘Record of Maintenance Activities’ forms issued for each door for inclusion in the building’s O&M Manual showing auditable records of ‘Fire Door Maintenance’
  • Identification of what maintenance activities have been completed during the survey stage, and what further Accepted Repair Techniques are required to make each door assembly compliant (if applicable)
  • Bespoke plans per client; door by door, building by building
  • Standard and Enhanced Service Level Agreements
    • Standard
      • Carry out a detailed, non-intrusive fire door assembly survey to each door as listed in your building(s)
      • Once each door assembly is surveyed, minor maintenance works are carried out to each assembly
      • To compile and issue a detailed survey report per building and cost summary of further rectification actions required to make each door assembly compliant (where necessary)
      • In accordance with the Accepted Repair Techniques under our BM Trada accreditation, issue ‘Record of Maintenance Activities’ forms for each door assembly per building, for inclusion in the O&M manual for that building
      • All works documented with Before and After photographs in shared DropBox folders per door
    • Enhanced
      • As Standard, plus…
      • Replace worn / faulty ironmongery components or make structural adjustments to assemblies as appropriate
      • Pre-agreed Schedule of Rates for adjustments and components
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“We instructed BWC Limited to carry out the maintenance to circa 800 fire doors at Commerzbank in London. This was completed in early January 2017 on time and without any additional costs, to the clients satisfaction.”

Fire Door Experts
Drew Stewart
Passive Protection Manager, Fire Safety Services (UK) Limited

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