Building and Roof Drone Surveys

BW Consultants Ltd, sister company to Fire Door Experts, are now able to offer drone related services!

Drone surveys offer a number of advantages over traditional ground-based surveys, including improved safety, increased efficiency and better data quality.

Drones can help identify potential problems with the building to roof, such as identifying cracked bricks or roof tiles, or other damage not visible from the ground.

Benefits of using BWC for drone surveys:

Safe & Efficient – Carrying out a building or roof survey can be time-consuming and dangerous task, especially if the building is tall or the roof is difficult to access.

High Quality – Drones can capture high-quality images and video footage, ideal for identifying potential problems.

Minimum Disruption – Drone surveys can be carried out at any time, keeping any disruption to business operations to a minimum.


Roof Inspections

Our drone experts are able to provide efficient drone roof inspections, providing you with high-quality still images and video footage in quick time.

Using their extensive knowledge and many years experience, our team are able to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of your roof and any potential issues.

As well as the quality of the resultant imagery and data provided, drone roof inspections can help reduce the time taken to carry out a more traditional survey, typically reduce costs compared to hiring the required access equipment and associated staff costs and provide all the information you require in a far safer manner than working at height.

BWC’s team can deliver high quality surveys with minimal disruption in a safe and efficient way. Feel free to download our introductory document highlighting services available.

How can we help you?

Have a roof or building that needs inspecting? 

Our sister company, BWC, can carry out detailed building and roof surveys.

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