Fire Door Inspection

Have you previously had a fire risk assessment carried out by a company which identified that your doors were unfit for purpose and required remedial works, and then had to source a further estimate to upgrade and carry out the remedial works for these doors?

All of a sudden you are faced with 2 points of contact from both an assessor and fire door contractor that may not know each other, and you may then need information from both the fire risk assessor who carried out the survey and the contractor pricing for the remedial works. This is a headache.

Fire Door Contractors

Unlike many of our competitors, at Fire Door Experts we provide a full circle offering with regards to fire door inspections as a fully certified fire door contractor. Our fire door technicians will provide a thorough inspection of all the fire doors in the building to ensure they are safe and effectively protecting all the occupants against smoke in the event of a fire. You will be advised accordingly if a potential hazard is detected via a detailed survey report compiled by a member of our team.

First and foremost, we carry out a detailed assessment specifically on the doors only, rather than a general fire risk assessment (FRA). What we find is that when we are presented with an independent FRA, the doors are ‘sort of’ surveyed and more often than not there are many items of a doors function with regards to its fire integrity and its ability to stop the passing of cold smoke, which are missed off the surveys.

This means that when we come to upgrade the doors based on these FRA’s, we have to carry out further works for these ‘missed’ items , which means the clients costs invariably increase!

When Fire Door Experts carry out the door survey, we survey the doors and then submit a detailed report AND a cost estimate to upgrade / replace the doors to make them fit for purpose.

Finally, if we are awarded the contract to upgrade the doors in question, not only do we deduct the cost of the survey fee from the final invoice, but most crucially we carry out these door upgrade works in-house. It really is a full circle offering and a win-win solution for our clients as we offer 1 single point of contact from start to finish through advice and guidelines of both of FDIS and BRE fire door inspection accreditations.


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