Driving (and maintaining) high standards

BM Trada annual audits passed with flying colours!

Our BM Trada Q Mark Fire Door Installation and Fire Door Maintenance accreditations require our technicians to be audited on an annual basis to ensure standards are being maintained. The great thing about BM Trada audits is they are carried out on live projects, so give a true reflection of the skills and abilities of the technicians involved and are not just pre-planned box ticking events.

We are very pleased and proud of our team as, during our recent audit, the BM Trada assessors were very impressed with the standard of our work and couldn’t find any faults or opportunities for improvement!! The 2-fold physical work assessment was carried out on a remedial works maintenance project and a fire door installation project, with zero faults found on either project!!

There is also the works recording and reporting element of the assessment to consider. While it’s reassuring to know fire doors are being installed and maintained to the required standards, it’s imperative that we can evidence and document works accurately and efficiently in order to be able to provide a full and complete project handover package. Recent Q Mark Record of Installation Activities and Record of Maintenance Activities Forms were checked for accuracy as well as other vital information such as evidence of the ongoing training our technicians receive.

This is a fantastic result and shows the incredible diligence and attention to detail of our office staff, our team of technicians, and also the excellent standard of their constant ongoing training by our Contracts Manager, Blaine Heard.

So, “Fire Door Experts” is a very appropriate company name!!

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