Fire Door Surveys

As a building owner, landlord or Responsible Person, you have a statutory obligation to ensure your fire doors are compliant and fit for purpose.

So, you instruct a third party accredited fire door contractor to inspect and assess your fire doors. You (should) then receive a detailed report and cost estimate. Naturally, you want to get comparison quotes, so you send the report out to other contractors to price up.

The following things then probably happen:

1 Other contractors refuse to provide costs for repairs based on someone else’s report.

2 Another fire door contractor will price up the report, but include many clauses to cover them for pricing off someone else’s report. This includes disagreeing with some elements of the report and / or not costing certain elements at all.

3 A lot of time elapses between from when the first report was commissioned and completed, to when you finally have (at least) 2 costings to ‘compare’.

4 Now you have at least 2 costs back, you can’t actually compare like for like as each contractor’s prices have different interpretations of the reports and what they have (and have not) allowed for. So, in effect, you can’t actually compare like for like.

5 Several months have since elapsed into this project, and you have not progressed any further as all you have managed to do is pay for a fire door survey which you have vastly different costs back for any remedial works, all with different views on what is permitted to be carried out to maintain an existing fire door assembly back to its originally intended fire rating.

If this has happened to you, this is where we can help!

Our Planned Preventative Maintenance Proposal for fire door maintenance works can filter out all this lost time and money with the traditional route of fire door surveys. With our PPM, we have different levels of service agreement to maintain your existing fire door assemblies back to their originally intended fire rating with BM Trada Certification, whilst we survey them!

This not only saves you the cost, lost time and headache of conflicting fire door survey reports and costs, it also ensures you are fulfilling your statutory obligations to maintain your fire doors.

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“We instructed BWC Limited to carry out the maintenance to circa 800 fire doors at Commerzbank in London. This was completed in early January 2017 on time and without any additional costs, to the clients satisfaction.”

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Drew Stewart
Passive Protection Manager, Fire Safety Services (UK) Limited

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