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Covid-19, a company update

In light of recent developments in the fight against Covid-19, BWC Fire Door Experts have made changes to the way we operate.

All staff able to work remotely are now doing so, allowing current and future projects to keep moving forwards.

Emails are being monitored and replied to as normal; office phones are diverting to mobiles during office hours, with any voicemails being emailed to all office staff, so we are still very much contactable.

Regards our technicians and installers. We are currently only working in environments that are as safe as possible, with minimal risk to all people involved. All staff are given all options at all times! Some of our current projects include maintaining fire doors back to their original intended use – or actually usable is a better way of saying it – in important buildings. For example, we are currently maintaining fire doors for the on call bedrooms at a London Hospital so they can start to be used again by NHS staff to get vital rest.

Please feel free to contact us during these difficult times, and we will aim to serve you as best we can.

Stay safe all!!

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