Graham Construction and Poole Waite & Co Ltd lead the way with antimicrobial ironmongery on Old Gramophone Works!

Protecting future building users as part of a high end and complex office refurbishment.

Fire Door Experts have secured our first major fire door contract to supply and fit anti-microbial ironmongery as part of a timber door package for 135 fire door-sets, comprising a mix of non-fire rated, FD30s and FD60s door-sets supplied by specialist door manufacturer, Humphrey & Stretton Plc.

Standard ironmongery was included in the original specification, but after initial early discussions regarding how we could offer anti-microbial coating to all ironmongery on the doors we procure and supply, our Managing Director, Simon West, and Studio RHE, the architect behind the designs, along with Graham, the main contractor, saw this high profile refurb project as an ideal opportunity to add this extra layer of protection for the buildings’ future users.

“Given the current global situation with this horrendous pandemic, now more than ever architects, designers, main contractors and installers should be putting the safety of the end users of the buildings as utmost priority.  And this does not just mean design and fire compartmentation safety, but also the safety of buildings users and occupiers moving in and around buildings once they are completed and handed over.   Everything on a door that can be pushed or pulled really now should have an anti-microbial coating applied at procurement stage, which is simply wiped cleaned as normal ironmongery would be”.

Simon further commented that “The relative small percentage increase in procurement costs is negligible considering the benefit received with the knowledge that the anti-microbial coating lasts for the lifetime of the product it’s applied to, offering long term protection for all users of the property each time they move around the building and use a door”.

Fire Door Experts have recently partnered with specialist ironmongery suppliers Poole Waite and Co Ltd who have been working on an antimicrobial that features BioCote® technology. Liz Bilton of Poole & Waite commented “We’ve worked closely with BioCote® and are very excited to be able to offer ironmongery that protects against the transfer of a huge range of microbes and has been proven to reduce the number of bacteria on a protected product by as much as 86% in just 15 minutes, and 99.5% in just 2 hours”.

Fire Door Experts prove again they’re on point and have the best interests of all involved at heart, from the original design team through to the building’s end users.

If you’re involved in an upcoming refurbishment project, why not speak to our team to find out more about this exciting ironmongery offering. It’s also worth remembering that existing ironmongery can be treated with BioCote® through Poole Waite and Co Ltd Swap Out service making it perfect for any refurb or maintenance project.

Graham leading the way at Gramophone project
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