Our reputation continues to grow as a leading fire door installer in the Healthcare Sector.

Fire Door Experts are very pleased to complete yet another fire door installation in a live hospital environment!

This latest project saw us working for long-term client Ensigna Construction Limited, on behalf of an NHS Hospital Trust.

Not only were we replacing doors in a live A&E ward, the doors were made particularly challenging by being specified as double action pivot doors with Yeoman Shield door face and leading edge protection, coupled with a Safehinge pivot hinge system incorporating transom door closers on electronic hold open devices!

As fire door installations go, there are not many that are more technically and operationally complex than this project. Installing fire doors to tight smoke control tolerances is extremely challenging in any environment – but when you add double action pivot doors into the equation, the challenge increases exponentially.

This project is a real testament to the skill and expertise of our installation team; “Fire Door Experts” isn’t just a name…

The fire door-sets were manufactured by Humphrey & Stretton with ironmongery by Poole Waite.

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