Specialist Healthcare Fire Door Installers

Replacing fire doors in occupied buildings can be challenging, especially when those buildings are busy hospitals!

Planning starts early on with arranging access to live wards to measure existing apertures to make sure the new doors and frames will fit.

Then each door-set and ironmongery set needs scheduling out, cross referencing and checking against the specification, floor plans and fire compartmentation plans, plus checking against our own sketches of each door-set replacement.

This is all before any fire door has been placed into manufacture!

Once on site, extensive planning is required on where to store doors and ironmongery (timber fire doors must be laid flat otherwise over time they will twist and distort out of shape), and doors required at the beginning of the install programme need to be at the top of the pile!

Relationships and trust needs to be forged between The Trusts, Ward Sisters and our site team and a detailed programme of installs agreed.

Then at the last minute all this gets turned on it’s head as wards can become overwhelmed so access is not permitted!

Over the course of the last few years here at Fire Door Experts we have surveyed, maintained and installed over 2000 fire doors in live hospitals, sometimes working 24 hours round the clock to adapt to last minute changes.

We are proud to be working closely with our NHS and main contractor clients installing and maintaining fire doors from the likes of Specialist Door Solutions, Humphrey and Stretton and Strongdor to name just but a few.

We really have grown into a dedicated, niche and nimble fire door contractor in the healthcare sector and look forward to continuing this journey with all our partners.

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