UK’s No.1 for door installation – literally!!

BM Trada Q-Mark Certificate 001 – we really were 1st!

Whilst recently rearranging the office, we realised what we had in our possession – the very first BM Trada Q-Mark certificate for door installation!

As well as being No. 001, we’re also very proud to be BM Trada Q-Mark certified. Here at Fire Door Experts, we firmly believe the detail required through Trada’s fire door inspection and maintenance schemes leave no stone unturned, and leaves a building’s Responsible Person in no doubt that the fire door assemblies will provide effective passive fire protection.

A prime example being a ‘fire door’ with no intumescent strips present can’t have been a factory tested fire door under the Q-Mark scheme, otherwise it would have the strips installed – which makes perfect sense when you think about it. Other schemes would allow the door leaves to have the edges routed and intumescent strips retrospectively fitted, but you can’t make a door into a fire door just by adding some strips and an overhead closer.

BM Trada have 23 Accepted Repair Techniques, and allow Certified maintainers to use these ARTs to maintain fire doors back to their original intended purpose as fire rated door assemblies. Fire Door Experts can then issue a Record of Maintenance Activity once the work is completed, along witht an O&M folder with all required fire test evidence, giving the building’s Responsible Person an audit trail of what was fitted, using what technique, on which date and by whom. This is vital information when looking after passive fire protection equipment.

The same level of detail is behind the Q-Mark door installation scheme, providing our clients with the knowledge that factory tested door-sets are being installed to the highest standards. That’s our opinion anyway, why not engage with us on your next fire door project and see the difference?!

UK's No.1 for Door Installation - Literally!!

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