Whittington Hospital – 250+ fire doors scheduled for installation

Latest news from Fire Door Experts - Whittington Hospital - another major project for the company!

Fire Door Experts are following on from December 2018’s start at Whittington Hospital  and some 250+ FD30 and FD60 fire doors are in production and scheduled to be installed over the late spring/early summer.

This ‘fit only’ task on behalf of UKSE Group represents another major project within the health care sector that Fire Door Experts is proud to be associated with.

FD30 FD60 Maintenance and replacement programme

Currently working across floors 3, 4 and 5 of Whittington Hospital, Fire Door Experts’ technicians are ensuring all fire doors comply to current regulations. Depending on location, FD30 (30-minute protection) or FD60 (60-minute protection) doors are being installed.

As well as replacing doors, Fire Door Experts are able to maintain some of the existing doors to bring them up to standard. As you can imagine, being able to maintain existing doors has helped reduce the overall cost of a substantial project.

Once the project is complete, all fire doors will be certified as fit for purpose (new doors being certificated) and maintained doors having a Record of Maintenance Activity log ensuring these areas of the hospital offer the required protection for all patients, visitors and staff.

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