Student accommodation fire door maintenance – top of the class!

315 fire doors successfully maintained despite unforeseen challenges

Fire Door Experts have completed fire door maintenance work on 315 bedroom, communal and riser doors on behalf of a large student accommodation chain successfully maintaining  all doors back to their originally intended fire rating.

Under our BM Trada Q-Mark Fire Door Maintenance accreditation, we can carry out a number of Accepted Repair Techniques to make fire doors compliant, techniques such as;

    1. Easing and adjusting the door so it hangs correctly in the frame to ensure the perimeter margins are within tolerance.
    2. Adjusting the frame to reduce excessive gaps on the long edges of the door leaf, particularly when working on veneer finish door leaves.
    3. Increasing the height of the door by adding hardwood lipping to the bottom edge.
    4. Installing automatic drop-down seals to provide smoke control where uneven floors make tight fire door tolerances of 3mm difficult to achieve.
    5. Replacing worn hinges to ensure the free swing of doors.
    6. Adjusting, or replacing, overhead door closers to ensure the doors self-close correctly so ensuring the integrity of the fire compartment.

These are just some of the Accepted Repair Techniques used to rectify the 658 identified non-compliances and maintain these fire doors back to compliance.

Projects such as these are normally challenging enough as our team work their way through the building. This particular project was made even more challenging as students began returning ready for the start of a new term. While this doesn’t sound a particularly difficult obstacle to overcome, when we remember this was the height of the Covid restrictions, and these students were arriving from all over the world…

Following Construction Leadership Council Site Operating Procedures Guidelines, and our ever evolving site-specific Risk Assessment and Method Statement, our technicians were able to book appointments for each apartment to ensure these guidelines and our RAMS were observed. This allowed social distancing and all other Covid-19 requirements to be applied and honoured so the project could continue smoothly.

One key point that was highlighted from this project…

Student accommodation… 315 fire doors… 658 identified non-conformities… ZERO compliant fire doors in the property before we commenced work!!

Planned Preventative Maintenance is vital for any fire doors, but when you have a few hundred fire doors, with people sleeping in the property, it really should be top of the Responsible Person’s list. Please see details of our PPM initiative here >> Fire Door Experts 360®

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If you’re a building owner, landlord or Responsible Person, why not talk to us about Fire Door Experts 360©?

“We instructed BWC Limited to carry out the maintenance to circa 800 fire doors at Commerzbank in London. This was completed in early January 2017 on time and without any additional costs, to the clients satisfaction.”

Fire Door Experts
Drew Stewart
Passive Protection Manager, Fire Safety Services (UK) Limited

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